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Thermal Remediation - Heat Treatments eradicate Bed Bugs and Parasitic Pests.

Hoteliers, moteliers and private households searching for an effective eco-friendly solution to eradicate bed bugs are turning to heat treatment!

Within the past decade, bedbugs were considered non-existent in New Zealand. But now they are here and a problem to be reckoned with. Re-introduction and spread of bed bugs is blamed by exterminators on increased global travel activity and a reluctance by hospitality (and society) to the use of pesticides and insecticides due to toxicity and downtime in room occupation. Once you have the little parasites in your house, or hospitality accommodations - getting rid of them has always been a big problem - until now. The solution is heat! ...

HEATME™ Far infrared and Halogen heaters are weather-proof to provide effective solutions for most Interior or Exterior spaces including bathrooms, spas, workrooms, pool rooms, patios, balconies, workrooms and all living rooms.

HEATME™ Purpose Designed Heat Treatment Equipment is a revolutionary pest control technique, extremely effective in the fight against bedbugs. It has been proven that small living creatures will die within a short period of time, if unprotected in temperatures above 45°C. Therefore, if you heat up the environment to 45-55°C for a minimum of one hour, any targeted bed bugs will not be able to survive. This also includes their eggs, meaning the problem is comprehensively ended. Call us for advice*.

Since InfraRed heating method does not cause air movement, it is ideal for asthmatics and dust sensitive environments.

About Bedbugs

The Bedbug lat: Cimex lectularius This bloodsucking ectoparasite attacks mammals, birds, and humans. Fully grown bedbugs have a length of 4-7mm and a yellow to reddish-brown appearance. When gorged, they reach 9mm in length; in such cases the abdomen becomes increasingly black. While the bedbug hides during the day, at night it goes out in search of a host to find nourishment. At 18-22°C room temperature, the fully grown animal sucks every 3-7 days for 3 to 20 minutes each time. At ideal temperatures and with sufficient nourishment, a bedbug has a lifespan of up to 18 months. A female lays up to 300 eggs at an average rate of 3 per day. The sure signs of a bedbug infestation are: An unbearable itching, generally several bites in a row (the 'bedbug street'), small spots of blood on the sheets, and sometimes a subtle sweet smell in the room.

Fully non-toxic - Eradicating the Bed Bug Problem.

Our specially designed robust heating devices are designed to quickly and easily bring up any room temperature to eradicate bed bugs and other parasitic pests. These heating units are specifically manufactured to withstand prolonged use in heated environments in residential and commercial environments. The treatment is quiet, discrete and deadly to bugs and their eggs, and does not use any toxic chemicals - therefor the heat-treatment minimises downtime to allow faster and safe re-booking of rooms.

* For best results, we offer training and know how - or can assign qualified pest controllers to your premises to complete the treatment on your behalf!

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HM - Commercial Space & Pest Control 'Bed Bug" Space Heater with Trolley - HM VK 18kW - IP54, with Plug
  • $2,475.00
HEATME™ HotWind Air Mover for Optimum Effective Air Penetration
  • $1,475.00
HM - Commercial Space & Pest Control "Bed Bug" Space Heater - 9kW - HM BRCUp- IP54, with Plug
  • $2,445.00