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Infra Red Halogen Heating

Have you ever noticed on a cool but sunny day, how warm it is in the direct sunlight? That is because the sun’s heat reaches us in the form of infrared rays, effectively and directly warming clothing, skin and any solid objects. 

FAR Radiant Ceramic and Infra Red Halogen Heaters are one of the most efficient heating solutions available. HEATME™ InfraRed Halogen Heaters deliver direct radiant heat energy to you and your guests - like you get from any sunny-day.

Infrared heating gives many distinct advantages over conventional heaters and fires, which achieve their effect largely by heating the air .

An Infra Red Halogen Heater wastes almost no energy trying to heat the air. The infrared heat, like the sun is radiated to warm only upon striking solid objects such as walls, or people.  Since infrared heating does not cause air movement, it is ideal for asthmatics and dust sensitive environs.

The robust and waterproof design of these heaters means they can be used outdoors as well as indoors. HEATME™ offer commercial and domestic infrared solutions.

Infra Red and FAR Radiant Heaters provide outstanding control to heat close environments such as worktops, table settings and group spaces - with less energy wasted heating uninhabited or unused areas.

FAR InfraRed Ceramic Heaters radiate their heat via transmission of energy through a secondary alloy radiating surface. This transmission effect improves radiant heat output - and also means the design is discrete and aesthetically pleasing. 

Infra Red Heating can also reduce condensation, mould, bacteria and mildew.

Energy efficiency in its best form!

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LUXEVA - FREE Standing Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00


BRC - Infra Red Heater
  • $745.00
  • From $705.00

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Replacement Tube BRC IR Heater 1500W
  • $129.00
LUXEVA - WALL Mounted Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00