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Home Heating Solutions that utilise efficient infrared and convection heating - indoors or out.

HEATME™ interior Electric and Infrared Heaters provide stylish, effective, efficient heating for any home situation.

HEATME™  have a wide range of low maintenance heating solutions for all your most intimate and favourite living spaces - indoors or outdoors. Ask our expert advisors about our new Luxeva versatile and robust infrared heating solutions for indoors or outdoors. 
Our commercial quality FAR Infrared Ceramic and InfraRed Halogen Heaters offer distinct advantages over smaller cheap 'showy' competitors. Our commercial grade heaters are made for commercial (and domestic) environments with quality manufacturing and warranties to bring peace of mind.  These heaters bring Effective, targeted heating of all living and working spaces. ...

HEATME™ Far infrared and Halogen heaters are weather-proof to provide effective solutions for most Interior or Exterior spaces including bathrooms, spas, workrooms, pool rooms, patios, balconies, workrooms and all living rooms.

HEATME™ InfraRed halogen heaters waste no energy on heating the air. Instead, the infrared waves are radiated directly to warm solid objects such as walls or people. The waves travel at the speed of light so the full effects are felt the moment the lamp reaches full output – less than two seconds!

Since InfraRed heating method does not cause air movement, it is ideal for asthmatics and dust sensitive environments.

HEATME™ series Convection Freestanding and Wall Mounted Heaters utilise the principle of natural air convection - where hot air rises upward, while cooler air naturally falls and is reheated and reticulated throughout the space. In this way, air circulation is created and the whole room becomes warm. The HEATME™ HM Heaters are super quiet and efficient radiant room heating solution for home or office - it is clean, green and efficient.

Contact HEATME ™ for advice on the most appropriate heating solution for your space.

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LUXEVA - FREE Standing Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00
LUXEVA - WALL Mounted Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00
HM-13W Radiant Heater - "Wifi" Black
  • From $695.00
HM-13W Radiant Heater - "Wifi" White
  • From $795.00
HM-13B Radiant Heater "Eco" Black
  • From $725.00
HM-13C Heater - "With Speakers" Black
  • From $755.00
HM-14B Radiant Heater - "Wave" Black
  • From $685.00
HM Bathroom - Schott Glass Carbon Ceiling Heater - 1600W
  • $885.00


BRC - Infra Red Heater
  • $745.00
  • From $705.00