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FAR Radiant Ceramic and InfraRed Halogen Direct Energy Heating.

Have you ever noticed, on a cold but sunny day, how warm it is in the direct sunlight? That is because the sun’s heat reaches us in the form of infrared rays, warming solid objects, but not directly heating the air.

A FAR Radiant Ceramic or InfraRed Halogen Heater uses the same principle.This gives it many distinct advantages over conventional heaters and fires, which achieve their effect largely by heating the air in any given space. Hot air rises, so heated air immediately moves towards ceilings or, outdoors, away into space. Furthermore, drafts or breezes can fully eliminate the effects of conventional circulated heat. ...

The HEATME™ InfraRed Halogen Heater, does not waste any energy on heating the air. Instead, the short wavelengths that are radiated from the unit will convert to warmth upon 'striking solid objects' such as walls or people. The waves travel at the speed of light, so the full effects are felt the moment the lamp reaches full output – less than two seconds!

Since the infrared heating method does not cause air movement, it is ideal for asthmatics and dust sensitive environments. The robust, waterproof design of the heaters means they can be used outdoors as easily as inside. All our Infrared Heater solutions provide more control over direct space heating with less wasted energy.

Better heating, more efficient - a ‘win-win’ situation.

HEATME™ FAR Radiant Ceramic and InfraRed Halogen Heaters transfer energy to a distant 'body' with a lower temperature through electromagnetic infrared radiation. FAR InfraRed Ceramic Heaters radiate at a higher wavelength, however both heating options generate immediate pleasurable warmth in solid matter. Both types of heaters can be used to heat indoor or outdoor spaces. All Infrared heating solutions also drastically reduce condensation, mould, bacteria and mildew in the environments which they operate.

Infrared is Heating and Energy efficiency in its best form!

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HM-13W Radiant Heater - "Wifi" Black
  • From $695.00
HM-13W Radiant Heater - "Wifi" White
  • From $795.00
HM-13B Radiant Heater "Eco" Black
  • From $725.00
HM-13C Heater - "With Speakers" Black
  • From $755.00
HM-14B Radiant Heater - "Wave" Black
  • From $685.00
HM Bathroom - Schott Glass Carbon Ceiling Heater - 1600W
  • $885.00
HM - Remote Control Wall Holder
  • $18.00