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Infra Red Halogen Heating Solutions

Have you ever noticed, on a cold but sunny day, how warm it is in the direct sunlight. That is because the sun’s heat reaches us in the form of infra red rays, warming solid objects, but not the air.

An Infra Red halogen heater uses the same principle.This gives it many distinct advantages over conventional heaters and fires, which achieve their effect largely by heating the air. Hot air rises, so heated air immediately moves towards ceilings or, outdoors, away into space. Furthermore, drafts or breezes can totally eliminate the effects of such convected heat. ...

An infra red halogen heater, in contrast, wastes no energy on heating the air. Instead, the short wavelengths that are radiated convert to warmth only upon striking solid objects such as walls or people. The waves travel at the speed of light so the full effects are felt the moment the lamp reaches full output – less than two seconds!

Since this heating method does not cause air movement, it is ideal for asthmatics. The robust, waterproof design of the heaters means they can be used outdoors as easily as inside. An infra red halogen heater provides more control overheating with less wasted energy.

A ‘win-win’ situation.

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LUXEVA - FREE Standing Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00
LUXEVA - WALL Mounted Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00


BRC - Infra Red Heater
  • $745.00
  • From $705.00

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Replacement Tube BRC IR Heater 1500W
  • $129.00