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Industrial, Commercial Infra Red Heaters for Efficient and Direct Space Heating

Infra Red means No Fumes, No Draft, No Noise, Efficient, Eco-friendly Instant Warmth Targeted right where it's needed.

If your requirement is for energy efficient, effective, targeted space heating solutions we are sure to have the right infrared or Industrial Space heaters for you.

The HEATME™ range of Industrial Space Heaters, FAR Radiant Ceramic and InfraRed Halogen Heaters are some of the most effective and energy efficient heating solutions available in market. 

FAR InfraRed Ceramic and Infra Red Halogen Heaters are perfect solutions for targeted area heating - avoid heating unoccupied work and hospitality spaces - focus all heat and comfort where it's needed.

Also check out our powerful and efficient range of portable industrial grade electric blower heaters proven solutions for large space heating - such as warehouses, workshops, construction sites and event centres.

HEATME™ is energy-wise, efficient industrial and commercial space heating in its best form! 

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BRC - Infra Red Heater
  • $745.00
  • From $705.00
LUXEVA - FREE Standing Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00
LUXEVA - WALL Mounted Carbon Heater with Remote Control
  • From $595.00

By Request

Replacement Tube BRC IR Heater 1500W
  • $129.00