How to pick the right heating solution for your home

Radiant Infrared Heating 

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How does it work?

Infrared is a safe wavelength of light which we feel as heat. Infrared light is not visible to the human eye - but we can feel the glow of energy that is created from the source of an infrared heater. When these infrared waves are intercepted and absorbed by objects and people, they are converted into heat. This radiant heat energy is absorbed and reflected into the room warming the space similar to how the warmth from the sun effects your surroundings. 

How do Infra-Red Heaters work?

Infra-Red heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat, which is actually the same form of heat energy emitted by our own body. It is the most basic form of heating known to us. Infra-Red is the direct transfer of heat from the Infra Red heater to the any object in the effective range. It is capable of heating people and the room around you without wasting energy on heating heating the air in between. Even wind or draft will not effect the radiant warmth you feel from an infrared heater. This makes infrared an ideal for use outside for your patio, spa, social or work environments.

Far Infra Red Heating 

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How do FAR Infra-Red Heaters work?

Similar to Infrared, however Far Infra Red heaters take advantage of the unique warming properties of ceramic to achieve this more economic radiant heat. 

When Far Infrared waves touch surfaces in a room, heat energy is released and so the ceiling, walls and floor and of course people in a room are gently heated.

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How does Space Heating work?

Space heaters are powered by electricity or the combustion of flammable fuel. Convection heaters pass electricity through a heating element, causing the element to become hot. 

The elements are either metal or ceramic, and the process is known as joule heating. Heat is transferred to the air in the room by convection.

Convection Heating (Central Heating)

How does convection heating works?

Tapping into a natural phenomenon known as “convection,” air inside a convector is heated becoming less dense than the surrounding cool air, enabling it to rise due to buoyancy. Best suited to a closed room environment - the heated air rises, while the cooler air on the floor is drawn into the convector, creating a constant air-flow which naturally circulates and evenly warms the particular environment.