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HEATME™ InfraRed heaters provide targeted heat, directly warming desired objects and people. Since infrared rays do not directly heat the air, much less energy is required for the same level of comfort.

    Infrared heaters use approximately 60% less energy than a comparable kW gas heater. HEATME™ Infrared electric heaters also use sustainable green energy. Powered from energy resources which are 85% hydro, geothermal, or wind generation. HEATME™ FAR InfraRed Ceramic or InfraRed Halogen Heaters offers the best outdoor heating solutions. Offering distinct advantages over conventional heaters and fires.

    An InfraRed Halogen Heater wastes no energy on heating the air space. Instead, the infrared light radiated will convert to warmth 'upon striking solid objects' such as walls of course people, so it feels like a sunny day - even in the evening. Interior spaces will warm naturally from the heat-sink and reflection of warmed objects in the vicinity. Infrared literally radiates through cool air unaffected - it is ideal for outdoor heating - beaming energy and warmth directly to you and your guests. Since this heating method does not cause air movement, it is also ideal for asthmatics and dust-sensitive environments. The waterproof design means these heaters can be used outdoors as easily as inside. Choose InfraRed for more efficient more effective heating. A win-win.

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LUXEVA - WALL Mounted Carbon Heater with Remote Control
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LUXEVA - FREE Standing Carbon Heater with Remote Control
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BRC - Infra Red Heater
  • $745.00
  • From $705.00